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Latest News
DonationsAll Donations just for Visual and Mounts.
EpicRestriction area in Epic Boss x1 / Pc.
QuestAll quests have been reviewed and tested.
BuffBuff only Peace Zones 2/h. Special buff by BuffStore
SupportFacebook and Discord.
No WipeDatabase Backup every 2h.
Use command .7rb in quest

and show Bones you need.

Test Approved
Autopots on

Use double clic on pots.

Not Allowed on Olympiad
Daily Reward
Armor and Weapon

More than 100 types.

Visual Skins

Retail Adapted

Territory War
ยท Flags Max for Clan

Prevent a clan from taking more than 3 flags in TW.

Some posibility for all
All sieges 20h on Sunday

Prevent a clan from taking two castles with backpacks.

Some posibility for all
ClanHall Npc
Spanw Npc need in Clan Hall

Clan Leader takes out the required NPCs in the Hall.

Can Delegate.
Special Privileges

WareHouse Clan

  • Privilege: WareHouse Clan
  • Items: Can get any item.
  • Participants: Any Player Clan
  • Command: .control

Special: Any player with privilege can get any item from warehouse clan


Repair Player

  • Ingame: By panel
  • Selection: Front list DB
  • Cost: Free
  • Command: .control

Repair You can reapir character fron control panel easy, just select an press.



General Rates

Retail options Lineage 2 Server

GamePlay Configuration

Easy up in our server x10*2.

Basic Features

Most easy configuration Hi5.

Olys - Instances

Adapted access for enter Boss.